A Month To Eternity

My heart is a wreck, Iman equivalent to a speck. I feel as though I stand in prayer alone When they claim Islam is outdated, outgrown. For eleven months, I have waited for this time When I am not the only one experiencing the sublime. Then comes a new moon like a dream, And the world sings, “Ramadan kareem,” I pray so sincerely for the light to stay past thirty days, These moments believers spend reciting His praise. Those that have never prayed the entire year Fall in prostration...


The Summer Before College

Growing up, I always thought summer was about outdoor barbecues, picnics, pool parties, and vacations. It didn’t occur to me that there was anything more important back then. I had no idea that my decisions were going to become more stressful than something like buying souvenirs in a gift shop at the Smithsonian History Museum. Everything, however, changed for me this summer. I was stripped from my typical anticipation of relaxing, summer activities. After recently graduating from high school, my thoughts were constantly troubled by the dread of the...


Flicker of Hope

Numbness overcomes me once I finally see That I beg for a savior, but it is in vain that I plea. Storm clouds enshroud the sunrise As we commence the unveiling of lies. The pleasure some find in others’ pain Is a cruelty by which the pretentious kings reign. It is through the darkness of deceit, I perceive, That they speak articulately, but only to deceive. Anguish makes my throat constricted; Let this be the last time our hearts are conflicted. As the universe comes crashing to the ground,...


I See Creation

Open the world. What do you see? Hidden within the vibrant blues, I see lace coral, starfish, The seadragon carrying life on its tail, In distant lands, A Komodo dragon hatches, Pebble toads camouflage themselves, Serpents slither in silence, An iguana roams the roasting desert. I see creation. In the world around me, I see sunflowers, delicate blossoms, Dragon’s blood trees:  dense emerald canopies In the mosaic of rainforests. I watch damselflies, bustling bees living in secrecy, The butterfly of the night chasing the stars, Fireflies burning and dancing...


Send Me to the Planetarium

As a young girl, I developed an overzealous fascination with outer space. The balance of the blazing stars astounded me – especially as they contrasted against the composed and appeasing moon. When I was ten years old, my mother gifted me with a miniature telescope which I treasured whole-heartedly. I loved everything about it: its fluorescent yellow coloring and accented lines of charcoal grey, its accompanying encyclopedia containing pages and pages decorated with the images of constellations that I one day hoped to locate, but most of all that...


Painting Time

I’m wasting colours, painting time, Throwing the pen in the air, Slicing okra in the orange-faded Kitchen, watching the thirds tessellate Like broken stencils in the colander. The metal fades, so I drag the blinds And unscroll the curtains to see rain Slipping down the windows. The Song? Tapestries of water Drops, puddles, oceans, casting lullabies, I try to follow – but my voice dies, They whisper the tune until I forget. Everything turns to dust: I can tell you I will, not when, There are shapes in the shadows,...


Mud or Gold

Many years ago, while waiting for my father to pick me up from school, I sat in front of the Masjid playground, mesmerized by the sand all around me. It was a sunny day, and the sand glittered in the sun like gold. As I picked the shimmering golden beads of sand up and let them slip through my fingers, I felt like I was the richest man in the world… A few years later a close friend of mine, was shooting a documentary for Al-Huda School and had...


You Will Not Move Forward!

Mu'adh bin Jabal reported that the Prophet (may Allah have peace upon him) said, "A human being will not move forward (in other words, he'll just be fixed standing) on the Day of Judgment, with their Lord, unless and until they're asked about 5 things.