The Jester

Nothing comes, nothing comes like the setting of the sun, like a song already sung, nothing comes, nothing comes. Still he stands there, getting redder as the silence starts to fester. Still sad silence from the jester: nothing comes, nothing comes. People wait and watch and grumble as the jester starts to mumble lines of lyric, lines of woe, to himself as if a fool, yet nothing real and nothing new; nothing comes. No one talks and no one speaks. The jester’s bells just barely squeak, protesting silence at...


The Eye of the Artist

She sees herself in black and white: No vibrant hues, no trace of life. No shade, no texture, spark of hope Just insufficient paint-brush strokes The centering is off, the nose misplaced– It hangs off in a sorry state. The eyes too small, too dull, too lidless, Narrowed, lashless, doleful, listless A mouth too pinched, too hard a line, Crooked, bent, a river of wine The rough skin covered in craters and scars, A moonscape, crumbling, a palace of stars Dull hair, sparse locks, thinly drawn, Miserly strokes, artlessly...


Weeping Stars

Oh weeping stars, Do your falling tears bring any benefit? The night has brought its cover over the sky, Soothing many eyes to rest under its blanket. But mine refuses to close from the grief they behold, They search for an answer to relieve their mourning. I’ve explored the heavens above, Tracing your kin from one to another. Forming the constellation in the canvas above, I found nothing. As your kind would know, This world is temporary- A mere passing of a flickering flame. In moments can its ember...


How Do I Get The Youth To Listen?

This is a question which has probably been lingering in the minds of many “Islamically-aware” youth in the Muslim community for a very long time. They may be the main volunteers in their masjid, be active in their MSA, but cannot figure out an effective means to working with the Muslim youth of their locality. My intention with this post is to shed some light as to the proper and most effective way of guiding (in the directional sense; it’s only Allah who guides) Muslim youth who have strayed...


The iPod Complex

I walk into the Masjid and meet two youth (only a year or two younger than me). While waiting for our class to begin, I take out my iPod Touch to read some Qur’an. However, one of the two kids eagerly asks if he could see it, pretty please. I allow him. He, along with most of the other youth, finds it weird that my iPod doesn’t have a pass code on it. I don’t feel my iPod contents needs to be hidden. I try to live my life...


Emo Muslim Youth?

Our society is filled with hurt and despair. The sad part is that we, as Muslim youth, don’t make it any better. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that any statement or action of hurt will hurt, regardless of what one may say. We may call it gentle teasing or good-natured ribbing, but at the end of the day, they are all mere attempts to explain the several shades of hurt that we may inflict on others. When this is being done on a continuous basis, we become immune...


Giving Back To Our Communities

All too often, we see individuals being raised up by their communities and then just leaving when they’re old enough. When they were younger, they used to attend the full-time/weekend school, spend hours at the playground with other children, attend the after-school Karate or sports program, participate in the community festivals, get scolded by their wizened elders, and get loved and spoiled by their uncles and aunties…They were being raised by the whole village, by the whole community. What do they decide to do? They turn their heads in...


How YOU(th) can be a STAR!

When you look up at the night sky these days, in your own city, what do you see? For me, all I see are a bunch of gloomy clouds. MashaAllah it’s a beautiful picture, but tell me, do you see any STARs? It seems that nowadays, all of our STARs have left us. They’re somewhere hidden and overshadowed by the flashing lights of this dunya. However, think back to the Prophet (SAW)’s time. He was in a desert, with no electric lights that were blinding. No need for them...


The Outlook of Young Imam An-Nawawi

When Imam Nawawi was young, he used to be pursued by the children of his town as they continually asked him to join them in their games. They used to sneer, jeer, and try every conceivable method to get him to join, but he used to break away from them crying while saying, “Allah did not create me to play” 1 This was Imam An-Nawawi’s outlook on life from a very young age. Yes, in our times, we would consider it to be bizarre and unusual if a kid...


Your Search is Over!

Have you ever gone through hundreds of Google pages trying to find a certain hadith or ayah, and have only been left with “Izlam is a violent religion” and other inaccurate information? I posed my thought and Alhamdulillah got some great responses.